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Vidonn X5

Strap connected Vidonn X5 with OLED screen

Bracelet Vidonn X5 helps you improve your fitness by displaying your settings
health, following your daily activity and quality of your sleep.

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Make and model Vidonn X5

OLED Display 0.49 "
Li-polymer battery 40mA
USB2.0 USB Port
Bluetooth Version v4.0
Material ABS plastic, rubber and TPU alloy
XP/Vista/7/8 Windows operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 and higher
Latency 4 days
Automatic synchronization of your data to other devices
Charging via USB

Weight: 131.61 gms
Size: 15,3 x10x3, 5 cm

Lightweight and comfortable wear all day and night!

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